It’s 4:20 on 4/20

It’s 4:20 on 4/20

theperksofbeingjenniferr asked: How can I prove it when I don't have anywhere to submit newdz

That’s just not good enough

Anonymous asked: Jez blam I'm your number one fan

Prove it

when i was 10 my mother got very ill

by the time i was 14 i was caring for her

she was wheelchair bound and had cancer at this point

she was still a mother however and cared for me however she could

she used to love making my school lunches because it was a thing she could still do

in early march 2003 she took a turn for the worst

but she was a fighter and kept on keeping on

i remember hearing her wake up one night around 2am

she was epileptic as well, so i woke up easily at the time because i could hear the many seizures she had

she was in the kitchen, but i was tired and fell back asleep

the next day i went to school and was in class when i was called into the principals office

the principal literally put me in his car and drove me to the hospital

it was there that i said goodbye to my mother for the last time

when i got home i walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge

in there was school lunches (ham and cheese sandwiches, my favourite) for the next week

my mum had made them for me with the last energy she had in her body

this is a true story. i miss her a lot

never disrespect your parents, youll miss them when they are gone

i need you little cat

i need you little cat

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Anonymous asked: ur face is pretty gr8

i would agree except my nose i all fucked after i broke it in grade 7 by literally running into the back of another kids head.

Anonymous asked: youre a fgt


motherfucking-bounce asked: I've had the smith street band stuck in my head since saturday you piece of shit.

suck shit fuckface, that song isnt even that good

white cis straight male

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